Saturday Collector Day 2015

This Saturday’s Collector Day features Raquel Alonso-Perez. Raquel is the Curator of the Harvard University mineral collection, which houses some of the finest mineral specimens in the world. This fantastic collection has a history of over 200 years and it will surprise and shock you.

So come by the lobby on Saturday to meet and chat with Raquel, who would love to share her stories of one of America’s fine collections.

Event Details

Special Guest: Raquel Alonso-Perez
Collection: Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum
When: Saturday, February 7, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Westward Look Resort Lobby


In 2015, the Mineralogical & Geological Museum at Harvard University (aka MGMH or simply, The Harvard Museum) was invited to be the Collector of the Day at the 2015 Westward Look Show in Tucson, Arizona. In the lobby of the resort they put two cases of their fantastic minerals on exhibit.

Join us as Bob Jones, Show Host for What’s Hot In Tucson, sits down with Museum Curator Raquel Alonzo-Perez as they discuss the history of the museum, the collection and some of the individual pieces.

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