Hear It From The Experts 2018: Evan Jones

Join us for special presentations each day in the ‘Vail’ room on the first floor. 

Featured Speaker: Evan Jones

“Wulfenite – The Official State Mineral of Arizona”

Event Details:

Time: 2 PM

Location: Denver Marriott’s ‘Vail’ room on the first floor

This event is open to the public with free admission and free parking.

Sunday Evening Program 2015

The Sunday Evening Program is one of the best opportunities for people to learn, first-hand, some of the real-life stories and perspectives behind these incredible minerals. Each year, we assemble a special panel of seasoned experts to share their thoughts, stories and experiences in their pursuit of minerals.

Mineral-collecting pioneers, such as Edward Swoboda, Peter Bancroft, Bill Larson, David Wilber, Charlie Key, and many more have graced our stage. After the presentation, we open up the floor to questions and answers and always get lively discussions going. This quickly becomes a standing-room-only event, so get here early!

This Sunday, the Second Generation is coming out front to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts on the changing mineral world, as they’ve seen it throughout the years.

This is a perspective that is truly unique, as each of these presenters has at least two generations of experience under their belts.

Join us at 6:00 PM for cocktails and snacks, followed by the main event at 7:30 PM.

Event Details

Program: Fine Mineral Collecting and the Second Generation

Special Guests: Will Larson, Evan Jones, Christophe Kielmann, Krystle Dorris and Brian Kosnar

When: Sunday, February 8, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM – Social Hour | 7:30 PM – Presentation

Where: Westward Look Resort, Sonoran Ballroom

Saturday Collector Day 2016

Saturday Collector Day is an all-day event where we invite a special guest to display their private mineral collection in the lobby of the Westward Look Resort. Our special guest is on hand throughout the event to answer any questions, meet anyone coming by our just chat the time away.

This has become an extremely popular, must-stop visit for many people in the Tucson area, as it is a great place to learn more about this wonderful hobby.

Event Details

Special Guest: Evan A. Jones
Collection: Arizona Collection
When: Saturday, February 6, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Westward Look Resort Lobby


Evan Jones Mineral Collector